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Publishers watch their costs. Your submission must be devoid of flaws before publishers or agents will consider it.

In addition to your submission, publishers read query letters, proposals and outlines for content and writing skills. A slip anywhere can kill your chances of acceptance.

Your submission must grab the attention of publishers and agents; otherwise, you will receive a standard rejection form.

Publishers and many agents rarely read your submission beyond an error.

Even the best writers do not edit themselves. Check authors' acknowledgements. You will almost always see a thank-you to an editor.


Immediate help -- plus -- Assistance forever 

 Can you imagine how your writing would improve, if you had a personal writing coach? What if you paid that coach only once, yet you had the benefit of her comments and knowledge for your lifetime?
 Our personalized reports are exactly like having a personal writing coach. We dissect and analyze your habits, your style, your words. We send a report that allows you to see your writing in new, exciting ways.

  To recall a trick of the trade, you merely flip through your personal, bound report. The information helps you right away and then continues to help you for the rest of your writing career. Our reports don't merely go the extra mile; they go the extra light-year!

  The depth of the report differs, according to the level of service. Level IV offers the most complete, most comprehensive report of all.




Level I:
Brief analysis of concept and writing quality: $3.95 a standard manuscript page.

Level II:
In-depth evaluation of concept and writing quality: $4.90 a page.
Level III:
By far the most popular. In-depth evaluation of concept and writing quality plus complete line edit for grammar and punctuation: $6.50 a page.


*All prices based on standard manuscript pages. Standard manuscript pages are double-spaced in 12-point type and have margins of at least one and a half inches on all sides.



We provide a full range of editing services as well as copywriting services.  We can take a project from you in almost any form at any stage and turn it into a polished brochure, Flier, Press Release, Newsletter or Bulletin.

Just drop us an email, snail mail or phone call and we will be glad to discuss any project you might need help with.


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