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When you send your manuscript, include a copy of the editing request below, so we'll know the level of service you expect and how to contact you. All work must be prepaid, so include your check or money order made out to M. Gaulden. Add the cost of return postage to your check or send loose stamps, but please do not send stamps attached to an envelope. Your report will be much larger than you think, so we supply the return packaging.

Editing Request

Your Name ___________________________

Address ______________________________


Manuscript Title:


Phone (Day) ( ) ___________________

Phone (Eve) ( ) ___________________

E-mail address ________________________

Please perform the following (check one):

Level I (brief evaluation) @ $3.95 a standard manuscript page.                                                 q

Level II (in-depth evaluation)  @ $4.90 a page.                                                                             q

Level III (in-depth evaluation plus edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation) @ $6.50 a page.   q

Shipping and Handling:

Up to 200 pages = $12.50

201- 400 pages = $15.60

401 - up = $21.80

(add extra for international postage)


Cost Calculation

Number of pages = ____________ @ $_______ per page = $__________

+ ________ S & H (see above) = $____________ total enclosed.*

*$100 minimum. All work paid in advance. Include payment with manuscript.


From the moment we receive your manuscript, you have a friend in the publishing business.

 You are wise to entrust your manuscript to M. Gaulden, the finest editing service available. Your manuscript will improve through our services, and your skills will, too. Your next writing effort will be easier and better. Fill out this page and send it with your manuscript to:

1419 Lepage Ave. l Ottawa, Ontario l K1Z 8M8

613-722-6091 l 613-769-1680




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1419 Lepage Ave. l Ottawa, Ontario l K1Z 8M8

613-722-6091 l 613-769-1680





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